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Tiger-Rogen – Mountain Road – OMC-VS (Vintage Sunset) [Solid Top] Equipped with Turbo Panel TG-S2


3 in stock (can be backordered)


3 in stock (can be backordered)

Equipped with Tiger-Rogen Proprietary Turbo Panel TG-S2

Tiger-Rogen was established in 1987, with our 31 years luthier experience, we are now being rated as one of the high quality guitar manufacturer in Asia. Our luthier philosophy started from wood selection, design drafting, crafting up till the tone innovation, both our production & quality control team continuously challenging the ability & capability of mankind to the next level of crafting with the best method & technologies.

With our consistency & commitment to improve & advance, Tiger-Rogen has now being a well-known branding in the world. Our products benefited musicians from more than 40 countries and still advancing. We will continue to innovate and commit to produce the best instruments for the music industries.

The Tiger-Rogen Mountain Road series is the most popular instruments highly demanded by all musician. The unique & proprietary inlay on the headstock & fretboard make this instrument extraordinary & compare to non.  Although this series is only crafted in solid top, but it was crafted based on all solid body requirement & process, as a result, the tone of this series is mimicking the tone of several all solid body guitars in the market.  This series also come with our very unique & proprietary  method of fret finishing to allow a very smooth play by guitarists and this fret preparation could only be found in other extremely expensive guitars in the current market.

Tiger-Rogen Mountain Road series is not just a great piece of instrument, but a very classic piece of instrument that can represent your unique characteristic. Comfortability, tone, look and what not, it is just phenomenal !


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Dimensions 110 × 50 × 30 cm



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