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Singular Sound Midi Sync Blackout Cable


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3 in stock


Do you use the BeatBuddy along with a looper or other MIDI enabled device? If so, our MIDI Sync breakout cable is designed to help you get the most out of your performance. It enables the Beatbuddy to interact with your other MIDI equipment as a slave or master.

The cable was specifically designed for the BeatBuddy which was too small to house traditional MIDI IN/OUT ports. As a result, we incorporated a PS/2 connector on the BeatBuddy which, when utilized with this adapter and a male to male 5 pin MIDI Cable provides all the MIDI information you’d need.


What is MIDI Sync?

MIDI (short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the digital language that musical equipment use to talk to one another. Therefore, this enables musical devices to either be controlled (slave) or control (master) other MIDI enabled devices. So, it’s a very powerful tool for live performance and recording.

How do I connect my BeatBuddy with MIDI?

On the output side of the BeatBuddy, there is a “MIDI Sync” port. But, in order to keep the BeatBuddy compact, a special PS/2 MIDI Sync port was chosen over 2 standard full size 5-pin MIDI ports for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. Further, our MIDI Sync cable enables you to use standard 5-pin MIDI cables to connect the BeatBuddy to your other MIDI enabled devices.

For instance, to connect your BeatBuddy as master, connect the BeatBuddy’s MIDI Sync OUT to the other device’s IN port. So, to connect your BeatBuddy as slave, connect the BeatBuddy’s MIDI Sync IN to the other device’s OUT port.

Most importantly, for more information on MIDI and the BeatBuddy’s MIDI functionality, read our MIDI Controls and Settings Document.

What’s your return policy?

From the date of delivery, you have a full 60 days to try out any of our products. Meanwhile, during that time period, if you want to return them, email us and we will provide you instructions on where to send it. After that, once received, we will issue you a full refund on your purchase to the original payment source used.

What’s your warranty and what does it cover?

The warranty is a full two year warranty. Therefore, this covers any innate manufacturing defects and any other issue that seems to have been caused by a factor outside your control. That is to say, if there is any issue, we will either repair or replace your unit (at our option) free of charge, as long as the issue being dealt with is within the terms of the warranty and the relevant time span. Technical issues that aren’t covered are ones that are due to obvious negligence, such as connecting the BeatBuddy to too high a voltage of a power supply, dropping it in water, etc. (basically anything that someone with common sense wouldn’t do).

Click here to register your MIDI Sync Breakout Cable warranty.

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