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Guitar Precision Setup

  • Restore factory setting with correct intonation
  • Neck straightening
  • Pickup balancing
  • Standard string height, usually in between 2mm-2.5mm measure at the last fret
  • This is not applicable or the guitar with worn frets.
  • Including all above together with fret leveling
  • Fret crowning
  • Fret polishing
  • Fretboard cleaning
  • Oil and bees wax treatment
  • Fine adjustment according to player’s preferences
  • We’ll able to set it from 1.25mm-1.75mm measure at the last fret.
  • Including all above, with partial refret or fretboard re-radius, bridge re-carve or re-slot(for acoustic guitar only).
  • This will set your guitar action to super low like most guitar heroes ( ex: Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Petrucci….). .
  • Which is in the range of 0.75mm – below 1.25mm measure at the last fret.
  • This setup is only advisable for experience players or those who willing to adjust their playing style to the low action as the string will be very close to the frets and will be easily cause rattling sound by hitting the frets.



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