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Centent B20 Alloy Cymbal Set of 4 – Sparks Series


14″ hi-hats

16″ Crash

20″ Ride

Sparks Series Cymbals are traditionally hand-hammered into shape and sound by Centent Cymbals craftsmen. Different from our other professional series cymbals, complex hammer point technology makes Sparks more collectible value. Crashes are thinner, with quicker responses, and the rides offer superb stick definition and warm tone. These unique cymbals deliver all the rich, complex tone and quick responses that modern players demand.




Centent Sparks is one of Centent’s “pro series” and designed for professional use. All cymbals are hand made from B20 -alloy using traditional methods. Excellent “all-around” cymbals for a wide range in music.

Sound: Sound is quite bright with a hint of darkness, full, clear stick sound, crashes easily- versatile cymbals.

Weight: Sparks-cymbals are medium-thin in weight. 20″ ride weights approx. 2000 grams.


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