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The Legend and Legacy

Legend has it, that one of last remaining dragons helped cast the first bronze cymbal over 4000 years ago in Shandong Province. This way the spirit of the dragon would remain intact, past on through the fires of each forging. Today, Centent Cymbals offers hand crafted, high quality Chinese cymbals. At Centent Cymbals, we take great pride in producing a cymbal that is both a visual work of art and sounds as good as brands costing 2-3 times as much. Unleash the legend once again and find out for your self what makes Centent Cymbals so special.
Centent Cymbals Malaysia offers the highest quality of B10 and B20 bronze cymbals at an amazing value. With the companies roots tracing back almost 400 years to the Qing Dynasty, Centent Cymbals brings generations of traditional craftsmanship and mates that with today’s technical advancements. Our modern business approach offers competitive pricing and amazing support to drummers of all levels.

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