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Aarykin Music Mastery Registration Form

Full Name as per IC

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Please provide any information that may be needed in an emergency or that might help provide a successful learning environment.

All lessons are taught once a week and 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes each lesson. Any additional classes or  prolong lesson can be discussed and pre-arranged with us. 

Registration Fees :  RM 50.00 (Accounts dormant for more than 6 months will be imposed this fee upon new enrolment) 
Deposit :  RM 300 (refundable) 
Tuition Fee :  Please refer to the tuition fee schedule avaiable from the Admin/Sales Officer  ( Aarykin Music Mastery Reserved The Right To Alter The Fees Schedule without Prior Notice in Annually Basis )  Master Degree Holder Instructor or International Artist Performer Instructor @ Request Basis  ( RM 150 to be charged for each hour of lesson, Minimum 2 hours each session)  New students may take one 30-min introductory lesson (RM50) before committing.  Tuition fee is due and payable on the first scheduled lesson of each month.  We will provide books/materials for your convenience (charged separately).  Tuition fee is not refundable nor transferable. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS  1. Cash  2. Online Transfer  3. E-Wallet 

Tuition will not be replaced for missed lessons. If a student is sick (fever, strep throat, stomach bug, flu, cough etc.,  please do not bring him/her and call your teacher ASAP: we’ll try to provide a replacement lesson.  Try to keep good attendance. Our teaching schedules are very busy and it’s difficult to find time for replacements.  Kindly be cooperative when your teacher offers you an alternative replacement time.  In the event if teacher could not accommodate the replacement classes, tuition fees shall be deducted compensating  the non-replacements. 

LATE PAYMENTS  Tuition payments are considered late if not received by the second lesson of the month. Late fee is RM20. Aarykin  Music Mastery reserves the right to stop lessons if there is an unpaid account balance. 

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES  We usually hold our concert every quarter of the year. Recital fee is RM 20 per student, or max RM50 per family.  Students can also participate in a local competition and practical exams through Exam Board. 

In case of extreme weather occurs, your teacher will contact you to cancel/reschedule the lesson.  We’re open all year long. We teach during school holidays but will accommodate students if they’re away  on those weeks. Students who stay through the school holiday can take 2 lessons off with no charge. There’re no  lessons on Major Public Holidays. 

In the event that the student has decided to discontinue lessons, we require a ONE MONTH NOTICE. You will  be considered a student and billed accordingly, unless a withdrawal notice is received. We reserve the right  to dismiss a student for delinquency in payments. 

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