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Aarykin Music Factory’s Affiliate Terms & Conditions:

  1. 1. Affiliate Qualification:
    • i. Commence Recording of at least 10 demo videos by using Aarykin Music Factory’s Music Instrument.
    • ii. Submit the video at the link below: https://forms.gle/KhVfMpLzPv3NLDCX9
    • iii. Share your demo video by using Aarykin Music Factory Youtube link (link to be given by AMF’s Admin) or upload and share your demo video to you social media and #hashtag Aarykin Music Factory FB’s page.
    • iv. Attach your Affiliate link when you share your demo video and call for action to request your fans. Friends to buy using  a designated promo code “ AFFFANS” to get special 5% discount.
  1. 2. Affiliate Commission Rate based on Rank Tier:
    • i. Qualifying Affiliate commission rate is 5%
    • ii. Silver Affiliate commission rate is 10%
    • iii. Gold Affiliate commission rate is 20%
    • iv. Diamond Affiliate commission rate is 30%
  2. * Excluded Pre-Loved Categories: commission rate is 5% and Bacchus Brand 10% Flat rate for
  1. 3. How to advance your rank?
    • i. Qualifying Affiliate is to register at Aarykin Music Factory website as affiliate and AMF’s admin will review and approve the application.
    • ii. Qualifying Affiliate will be promoted to Silver affiliate after completed 10 video recordings and refer 500 referrals to visit your affiliate link site. (Based on click count obtained from our web bot.)
    • iii. Silver Affiliate who hit RM 10,000 sales in any month will be promoted as Gold Affiliate in next month.
    • iv. Diamond Affiliate is selected and will be interviewed & solely decided by Music Director.
  1. 4. Cookie expiration is 30 days. 
  1. 5. Pay-out will be make before 7th of the following month.
  • 6. Pay-out details must be fully filled in order to process the commission payment.
  • 7. Restriction & Violation: DO NOT Over claim the products. Affiliate should wear smart & tidy in the video and should not smoke or vape in the video. Offensive wording is strictly prohibited. Any word phrase not related to Music and possible violation to Race, Religious, Sex, Politic and/or educational level will lead to deletion of video and affiliate will receive a written warning from AMF. Accumulation of 3 warnings will lead to disqualification of affiliates.

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